The Farallon Review is a journal, published annually, featuring contemporary, engaging, and literary
prose fiction with a modern view, a classic sensibility, and a west-coast flavor.

An old woman finds a resting place in a rose garden as a young woman finds respite on a doorstep, a bass player forms a new band driven by the quiet desperation of a drywaller, a Marine waits for the call to Iraq, a grandfather tells a story of murder and deception to a terrified grandson, an angelic parking attendant helps an elderly man forgive himself for the unforgivable, a lonely photographer makes a life-altering discovery on a quiet beach, a wandering man hitches a ride in the Oregon twilight, a bachelor of unique and special skills sends two love notes out into the world.

The sixth issue of the Farallon Review, out now. . . .

Stories by Mary Volmer, Art Edwards, John Gifford, Julie Woodside, Joey Garcia, Tigh Rickman, Dominic Foser, and Elena Mauli Shapiro.


A listing of all the authors and stories in our back issues can be found under the manifesto tab. Warning: the back issues are tough to find. You have to earn your copy. The purchase page gives some hints.

Oh, another thing: “You can see the Farallones” is San Francisco slang for: “Today, the air is clear, bright, and striking,
and we can see for a very long way.”