The Farallon Review is a journal featuring contemporary, engaging, and literary
prose fiction with a modern view, a classic sensibility, and a west-coast flavor.

June 22, 2015

After six issues and forty-seven memorable stories authored by a legion of talented writers, the Farallon Review announces that it will suspend publication.

The reasons for concluding the print run of our little journal are many, with two in prominence. First, there is the cost. The journal, despite a great deal of local support, loses money every issue. Second, there is the time. I am at a point in my own journey that I feel I need to concentrate on other creative ventures.

We’ve had a good run. The quality of the literature in our pages speaks for itself. I’d like to thank my editorial board, Lynka Adams, Jules Sasken and James Hass, for their great work and steadfast encouragement. I’d like to thank Scott Olling for the superb job he did on the layout of the issues. I’d like to thank all the writers who allowed us to publish their work, the artists who allowed us to use their photographs and paintings, and all the folks who purchased the journal and attended our readings. I’d like to thank the Avid Reader bookstore, Shine Café, Luna’s Café, The Lone Palm cocktail lounge, Stories on Stage - Sacramento, Stories on Stage - Davis, the Sacramento Poetry Center, and all those other folks who supported our venture.

We hope to sponsor some future readings and events, and back issues will be available at least for awhile. I am not ruling out some sort of digital version down the road, or even a podcast. But all things must pass. I am proud of our small but dignified contribution to American letters.

Thanks for your support,

Tim Foley
Editor, The Farallon Review


A listing of all the authors and stories in our back issues can be found under the manifesto tab. Warning: the back issues are tough to find. You have to earn your copy. The purchase page gives some hints.